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Each month receive two biosensors and Lingo app access
Within an hour begin to see your real time glucose data and learn what impacts your glucose
After the first week receive your unique Lingo Profile and your personal Lingo Count target
Personalised insights and tips to guide you through your metabolic journey
Invite-only access to the Lingo community forum and coaching webinars

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Get 3 months* of access to your Lingo Plan for the price of 2 (£300 upfront)
Receive 6 biosensors in total (2 per month)
Your plan will auto-renew at £120 per month
Enjoy invite-only access to the Lingo community forum and coaching webinars
Available on iOS only
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30-day money-back guarantee**
* Each month is equivalent to 28 days** Applies to first shipment only; see our Terms of Sale
Get 3 months of access to your Lingo Plan for the price of 2 (£300 upfront)
Your plan will auto-renew at £120 per month
Your auto-renewal can be cancelled at any time by going to your account settings
Enjoy invite-only access to the Lingo community forum and coaching webinars
Lingo biosensors are based on state-of-the-art continuous glucose monitoring technology pioneered by Abbott
Quick, easy application
Water resistant up to one metre for 30 minutes
Works at temperatures up to 45°C
Operates at up to 10,000 ft
Wearable for up to 14 days
Make sure you download the Lingo app before you apply your biosensor for the first time. The Lingo app is accessible on iOS 14.5 or up. It is not compatible with iPhone X and below.

Benefits to improve your well-being. For good.

Abbott’s market-leading glucose monitoring technology and our proprietary Lingo Count algorithm combine to help you better understand your metabolism and live a healthy lifestyle.

Boost energy

Struggling with low energy? Managing your glucose curve can be an effective way to improve your energy levels. People following a low glycaemic diet have reported feeling 20% less fatigue than those following a high glycaemic diet.*

Manage hunger

Are you really hungry? Research shows that seeing your real-time glucose data could help you understand the difference between feeling hungry and just a passing craving .*

Improve mood

Can you steady your mood? Balancing your glucose can curb a poor mood and improve your mood. One study found that people who ate a high-glycaemic diet had a 55% higher report of poor mood as compared to people who ate a low-glycaemic diet.*

Sleep better

Could you be more rested? Small adjustments to your daily routine can impact sleep. Evidence is emerging from clinical studies that adopting habits known to support steady glucose levels, may lead to better sleep . In turn, better sleep quality may also help you keep your glucose steady.*

Increase focus

Stay focused by analysing your food and lifestyle habits and managing your glucose levels. One study of more than 3,000 young adults showed that those with unsteady glucose levels had diminished memory and processing speed 25 years later.*
ALB-00240 v3.0* Please see references here.
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